the index

In the spirit of Harper’s Index, here are some facts about Another American Childhood.

  • Date Roger shared the idea of AAC with Dave and Andy: April 6th, 2011.
  • Date we dragged Michael into the mix: July 27th.
  • Number of lunch meetings between April 6th and September 9th: 7.
  • Favorite lunch spot: Bud’s.
  • Technologies used to develop the book or the website: SmugMug, WordPress, Evernote, Blurb, Gmail.
  • Number of emails we shared about the project: 146.
  • Number of times the most-edited poem was revised online: Sadly, WordPress deletes your old revisions once you hit 25, and I didn’t realize that. Until now. Let’s just say “more than 25.”
  • Poem with the most number of accompanying photo changes: Suns.
  • Runner-Up: A Tie for Mass.
  • Oldest poem: The Art of Palm Crossing.
  • Oldest photo: Still trying to figure that out.
  • Hardest photo to chase down: The Super Beetle for Grapeleaves.
  • Where Andy found it: M22, naturally.
  • Number of words in the longest poem: 1221.
  • That poem: Grapeleaves.
  • Number of words in the shortest poem: 21.
  • That poem: All the Poems.
  • Instrument providing cool atmospheric ambient sound to the end of the soundtrack: Michael’s wash machine.

Interested in more details or statistics? Comment below and we’ll add to the list.

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