Another American Childhood is a collection of poems and photographs inspired by an interest in supporting the ongoing search for a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. You can read or listen to the poems below, buy a printed copy of the book or the photos, subscribe to the podcastdonate directly online, or join the conversation on Facebook or Google+.

gravity (2011) about
the rains (1993) about
other than you (2011) about
suns (2011) about
flowers (1999) about
misproportioned (2011) about
the ochre chair (1999) about
whisper, love (1997) about
library (2011) about
all the poems (2011) about
from all anxiety (2011) about
the art of palm crossing (1991) about
moses (2011) about
carillon (2011)
grapeleaves (2005)
a tie for mass (2010)

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